Bride and groom
Bride and groom

Wedding Groups at Hotel Triton: Here Comes the Fun

Look at you lovebirds. About to ride off into the sunset and find happily ever after.

Let us help you on your journey. Hotel Triton is ideal when you desire wedding room blocks of 6-25 rooms per night and don't need event space or catering. Our small group specialists know the importance of such a big event and are here to take away the stress.

We're zany and creative, but have a romantic side too. If you want rose petals sprinkled throughout your room, we can do that. If you want Champagne delivered at midnight, we can do that too. Modern-day Romeos, we are.

Learn more here about small group room blocks by contacting Brooke Lambeth (our resident cupid) at 1-415-292-8130 or Tell her all about your special day.