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Jerry Garcia and Kathy Griffin Were Here - And Left Their Marks!

You deserve more than just 15 minutes of fame. Soak up an entire night of star power by staying in one of our hotel's inspirational Celebrity Suites. Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia and comic Kathy Griffin designed their own spaces in our hotel suites that submerge you in their art, musings and personal memorabilia. We also have Specialty Suites, including a rather tasty number from our friends at Hãagen-Dazs.

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Haagen Dazs Suite at Hotel Triton SF

Hãagen-Dazs' "Sweet Suite"

The luxurious Hãagen-Dazs "Sweet Suite" is heaping spoonful of whimsy, flavor and style. Bathed in vanilla and caramel colors, the true artistry of the "Sweet Suite" is its playful details. Imagine a handcrafted headboard shaped like the Hãagen-Dazs cartouche and a specially made plush Hãagen-Dazs bathrobe. Raid the custom designed ice cream cabinet, which is filled with classic Hãagen-Dazs ice cream flavors, as well as new releases. Of course we provide bowls, scoopers and spoons. Feel free to savor as many pints as you like, and enjoy the fact that a portion of each guest's "Sweet Suite" tab is donated to the Hãagen-Dazs charity of choice, Delancey Street Foundation. The suite was designed by local Bay Area interior design firm Marsh & Clark Design.

Kathy Griffin Suite at Hotel Triton SF

Kathy Griffin's "D-List Suite"

This Celebrity Suite is equal parts sleek and chic, with a dash of sex appeal. When filming her hit TV series, "My Life on the D-List," comic Kathy Griffin and Mike Nielsen (known to viewers as her "Gay Visionary") traveled to San Francisco to design a suite at the Hotel Triton. How it all came together was the subject for an entire episode in the show's second season. The pair began with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling white suede drapes, and carved out a colorful sanctuary of pearl, chocolate and sage green hues. We can't help but think it's entirely A-list.

Jerry Garcia Suite at Hotel Triton SF

Jerry Garcia's "J. Garcia Suite"

Get into a groove in the J. Garcia Suite. Created by the late, great Grateful Dead lead man Jerry Garcia, this suite pulses with good vibrations. A self-portrait hangs among many of his original watercolors, and the autographed wall adds an altogether personal touch. The same luxurious silk fabrics used in the J. Garcia fashion line flow over onto our upholstery. A must-visit for the Deadhead in your life.

King Triton Suite at Hotel Triton SF

King Triton Suite

Shimmering blues, silvers and greens swim in this decadent environment, inspired by King Triton and his underwater kingdom, Atlantis. Part the silver-bead curtain to find yourself in the grooviest Jacuzzi tub in San Francisco, complete with a secret television that you can watch while you soak. The sitting area is ideal for entertaining a small group of friends.